Periodic Modules

Periodic Modules

Our periodic training is designed to complement the individual driver's work and be relevant to their every day job. Topics covered include, driver's hours regulations, correct use of the tachograph, safe loading, daily walk around checks and defect reporting, fuel efficient driving, defensive driving techniques, plus health and safety.

The training will also enable drivers to keep up to date with changing regulations.

Individual modules are either 3.5 hours or 7 hours Driver CPC Periodic training. Two 3.5 hour modules can be combined "mix and match" style to meet your topic requirements for a total of 7 hours Driver CPC Periodic training.

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Drivers' Hours
Rules & Regulations

Providing drivers with knowledge of EU and GB Domestic rules.

This module consists of:

  • Drivers' Hours Rules
  • Working Time Directive (WTD), POA, Breaks, Rest and Work
  • Record Keeping
  • Mixed Analogue & Digital Tachograph Records, Log Books

Giving drivers a clear understanding of the rules & regulations they need to work with every day, putting an end to 'Burger Van Law' and myths!

Understanding & Using

Correct use of the tachograph to avoid infringements.

This module consists of:

  • Vehicle Units (VUs) – Analogue & Digital
  • Time Management including UTC and Local Time
  • Logging On & Logging Off procedures
  • Making Manual Entries

Make sure drivers are fully compliant with tachograph rules and regulations to avoid roadside infringements that can cost time and money.

Vehicle Checks
& Defect Reporting

The Driver's Walk Around Check… more than just tyre kicking.

This module consists of:

  • Thorough Drivers Walk Around Checks and what the DVSA expect
  • Vehicle defects; what to do and what NOT to do
  • The Graduated Fixed Penalty System and how to avoid fines
  • Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) and how it works

The drivers' walk around check is an essential part of any operators maintenance System and must be carried out correctly.

Safe Loading & Load Security

A detailed look at why and when loads shift and how to prevent it.

This module consists of:

  • Safe loading and efficient loading of vehicles
  • Why loads shift and how to prevent it
  • The Driver and the Law re loads
  • Drugs and alcohol in the workplace

An insecure load can lead to accidents, lost licence, or worse… loss of life.

Protecting Vulnerable
Road Users

Drivers have a responsibility to drive in a way that minimises risks posed to vulnerable road users.

This module consists of:

  • Who are vulnerable road users?
  • Road safety initiatives
  • Consequences of a fatality
  • Driver awareness and defensive driving techniques

How would you cope if your driving caused the death of a child?